Best Chef’s Knives for Small Hands in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 

If you love cooking lavishing meals, you should definitely have the right tools to help you achieve perfection in your meals. Chef knives are one of the most important components for cooking, which cannot be underestimated at any cost. We’ve made a guide of some of the best chef knives for small hands.

However, it can be pretty stressful to use a large knife, especially when you have fairly small hands. Fortunately, chef knives are available in a variety of sizes as per varying hand sizes. It’s necessary to have a good knife that feels comfortable to use.

With that said, you’re going to have a look at some of the best chef knives for small hands available in the market. We’ve reviewed some of the most capable brands to help you find a knife that fits the bill for you. There’s also a buyer’s guide, in the end, to help you make an adequate purchase decision.

best chef knives for small hands

5 Best Chef Knives for Small Hands 

1. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife 

best chef knives for small hands

Being a Santoku knife, the Zelite Infinity has a unique Japanese design aspect, which is widely used in western culture. It is designed specifically for people with small hands as the knife measures only seven inches in size.

The blade of this knife is extended to an adequate level and there’s also a good amount of heel with a comfortable handle, which facilitates a better grip and provides ease of usage. It feels very premium in hands and has an ample weight that talks about the durability of the product.

Additionally, we also noticed that the steel used is very premium and high-quality. We managed to chop and dice some nice cuts and enjoyed better edge retention with the knife. Moreover, even after prolonged use, the knife didn’t lose its sharpness at all.

The knife also provides corrosion resistance through its chromium coating which makes it even more durable. Moreover, as compared to a traditional curved chef’s knife, this Japanese style iteration provides a straight cutting edge.

This makes slicing down chunks of food easier and more effective as compared to the rock chopping technique. The handle is designed while keeping ergonomics in mind, which makes it very comfortable and convenient to use.


  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Very Durable in Nature


  • Slightly Overpriced

Bottom Line 

All in all, the Zelite Infinity Santoku is a very capable Japanese knife that offers a precise cutting action and comfortable grip. The unique design and ergonomic features of this knife make it a perfect tool for people with small hands.

2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional Chef Knife 

When it comes to kitchen knives, Zwilling is certainly the pioneer of the industry. The brand produces a wide range of knives for ranging purposes. There’s a 6-inch chef’s knife offered by Zwilling that definitely fits the bill for people with small hands.

Its steel blade is designed with a unique ice-hardening process, where it is frozen at a temperature of -94 Degree Fahrenheit. With this procedure, the steel is reinforced properly and offers corrosion resistance as well.

Moreover, as it is essentially German stainless steel with high carbon content, it has very sharp edges and a durable frame. However, we noticed that the steel is more brittle and cannot withstand a significant amount of time with the same level of sharpness.

We loved how the blade has a uniform curve and a seamless bolster attached to the handle. It not only appears very stylish but also resistant to water and temperature conditions as it is made with a thermoplastic known as Polyoxymethylene.

The 6-inch variant of this knife has an adequate level of the heel with a very contemporary look. It is surely one of the best chef knives for small hands that offer great value for the money. Therefore, make sure you take a look at it.

If you are interested in the knife block set then you can check out Top 5 J.A.Henckels Knife Block Set Reviews In 2021.


  • Triple-riveted design with black color
  • The sharpness of 15 degrees
  • Corrosion resistance


  • The steel is brittle

Bottom Line 

Overall, the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife is highly useful for achieving perfect cuts and dices without putting in much effort. It has a very sophisticated design that complements very well with any modular kitchen design.

3. Global Chef’s Knife 

With no heavy bolster and evenly spread depressions over the handle, the Global Chef’s knife is the most ideal companion for people with small hands. Its unique design provides an amazing grip over the handle and offers ease of usage through the bolster-free body.

As this knife is carved out of a single piece of steel, it features unparalleled durability that makes it last for a very long time. Moreover, the steel used in this knife is Cromova 18, which consists of 18% chromium that makes it resistant to corrosion.

It also has a curvy cutting edge that allows you to make rock bottom cuts effortlessly. Moreover, as the blade emerges directly from the handle, there are no bulky bolsters involved. We were amazed to experience how lightweight the knife is.

Although it may sound like a personal preference, we believe that the heel of this knife isn’t as efficient as compared to other knives featured on the rundown. However, it has a decent size and may prove to be adequate for many people.

The handle of this knife is completely covered with non-slip depressions and boasts a thin size that makes it easier to hold and provides a comfortable grip over the knife. Furthermore, it’s exceptionally durable and can easily last for a long time.


  • No bulky bolsters
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Perfectly curved edge


  • The heel size is not large

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, the Global Chef’s knife has a very unique design that sets it apart from other picks featured on the list. It is a durable and lightweight knife with almost everything you’d need to make your cooking tasks more convenient.

4. DALSTRONG Shogun Series Chef Knife

best chef knives for small hands

The DALSTRONG Shogun Series knife has a very unique design aspect as compared to other knives on the rundown. Its design is greatly inspired by Japanese traditions and offers great durability throughout the body of this knife.

It utilizes only high-quality materials and the 6-inch blade size perfectly fits the requirements for people with small hands. The knife uses AUS-10 grade steel, which is well-known for its amazing quality and high carbon content.

Although knives with higher carbon content are somewhat brittle, the DALSTRONG uses a mixture of elements to counter the influence of carbon on the durability of the knife. With a great variety of elements infused, the knife’s blade becomes a lot more flexible and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Even the blade has an adequate curvature that allows you to perform various types of cutting techniques. Moreover, the blade has a “tsunami-rose” design all over the body that makes it highly attractive. It is also resistant to temperature and water changes.

We found the heel size of this knife to be almost perfect. It provides sufficient space for a good grip and offers added convenience to people with small hands. You also receive a sheath that can be used to cover the blade when not in use.


  • Good heel size
  • Element-rich steel
  • Greater edge retention


  • The handle is somewhat flimsy

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, we were highly impressed with the amazing cutting capabilities and attractive design of the DALSTRONG Shogun Series Chef Knife. At such a competitive price point, the knife offers a lot of value for the money.

5. Shun Classic Chef’s Knife 

best chef knives for small hands

Being a Japanese knife manufacturer, the Shun Classic provides a very attractive range of chef’s knives with ranging sizes. The 6-inch version of this knife is ideal for users with small hands and features a very effective design that emphasizes more on ease of usage.

It has a very large curved cutting edge that allows you to perform the popular “Rock Chopping” technique with ease. Unlike other manufacturers, the Shun Classic chef’s knife doesn’t show any inconsistency in the cutting curves of the knife.

Moreover, this knife’s steel is made with VG-Max metal, which has an exceptionally high carbon content. This not only results in sharper edges but also provides better edge retention that allows you to accomplish your cutting and chopping needs quickly.

The blade features an angle of 16 degrees, which makes it sharper than most western-inspired knives. It also features a full tang along with a partial bolster and a round handle that provide a comfortable grip over the knife. 

Furthermore, it is highly durable and provides a great ease of usage. We found the knife to be very comfortable to use and will definitely recommend it for people with small hands. You should definitely consider taking a look at it.


  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Large curved cutting edge
  • Better edge retention


  • Prone to oxidation

Bottom Line 

Overall, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly chef’s knife that offers ease of usage, you should definitely consider trying the Ferrum TC Estate Chef’s Knife. Its amazing design aspects and unparalleled sharpness will surely make your cooking tasks effortless.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Chef’s Knife for Small Hands? 

  • Size 

As you’re in search of a knife that is comfortable for people with small hands, you should definitely emphasize the size of your preferred knife to make sure it fulfills your requirements. On a standard note, there are several knives that range between 8 to 10 inches.

Additionally, some knives can also extend up to 12 inches. However, we’re not looking for such enormous sizes as they’re not suggested for people with small hands. If you want to have more precision and control over your knife, you should consider getting a 6-inch-long knife instead.

There are several western-styled knives available in this size. However, the most common 6-inch knives are Santoku Knives, which are smaller variants of Japanese Knives designed for people with small hands who demand more control over their cooking tools.

  • Material

Once you’ve found an adequate knife size as per the length of your hands, you should consider researching the materials used in the construction of your preferred knife. It’s a no-brainer that you should be looking for a knife with a stainless steel high carbon content blade.

Moreover, you should also determine whether the material is resistant to corrosion and rusting or not. It’s also necessary to know how far the material can be sharpened. Knives made with high-carbon stainless steel are capable of retaining their edge longer and possess better quality than the rest.

You should also consider paying attention to the handle of your preferred knife and make sure it feels natural in your hands. While some handles will be made out of wood, most of the knives provide handles made with G-10, which is a composite material that offers great strength and water resistance.

It’s necessary to choose a knife with a handle made of waterproof material as they last longer than usual. Additionally, if you prefer a knife with a wooden handle, make sure that it doesn’t soak water and is treated properly.

  • Construction

The construction technique used for making the blade of your knife also plays a major role in its durability. A majority of kitchen knives consist of blades that are either forged or stamped to the handle. While the former is fairly cheaper, the latter offers better quality.

The forging technique is a standard used to make knives and swords for centuries. It results in very sharp and consistent blades that can easily withstand high wear and tear. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quality-centric knife, you need to have an adequate budget.

  • Heel

The heel of a knife can be defined as the distance measured between the cutting edge of your knife and its handle. It defines the amount of space available for your knuckles when you hold the knife through its handle.

It’s a very important feature that is usually unforeseen while choosing the best chef’s knives for small hands. With a heel of good size, you have enough space for your knuckles that prevent your hand from touching the cutting board as a result of practicing the rock chopping technique.

If you’re a small-handed user, you should definitely choose a knife with a higher heel to enjoy greater comfort. The recommendations given above have adequate heel lengths that will surely make it a breeze to perform rock chopping.

  • Shape

To choose the right shape for your choice of chef’s knife, you have to assess your cooking requirements. If you’re responsible for cooking complete meals for your household, you may have to dice and chop several vegetables.

For such purposes, a western chef’s knife with a pointed tip is highly recommended. It will allow you to perform your preferred cutting technique and also trim fat from meat. On the other hand, if the perfection of proportions matters the most, you should consider getting a Santoku knife instead.

It offers a flat blade that promotes faster cutting action and provides more accuracy in your dice.

How To Choose the Right Knife Length? 

Small-handed users are suggested to use a knife that ranges between six to eight inches in length. If you’re unsure whether a particular knife is adequate as per the length of your hands or not, you can use the forearm measurement technique to find out.

All you need to do is lay your knife against your forearm ensuring that the tip points your elbow and heel touches your wrist. If the knife matches the length of your forearm, it is considered as ideal as per the size of your hands.

On the other hand, if the knives’ length exceeds your forearm’s size, it indicates that it is larger than your requirements. In such a case, consider getting a small-sized knife instead.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a knife’s length determined?

The length of a knife is calculated as the distance between the tip and the heel of the blade. It’s also known as the area where the knife is attached to the handle. Keep in mind that the handle isn’t included in the length of the knife.

  • Should I buy a Santoku or chef’s knife?

If you are looking to make rock chops to mince herbs and vegetables, you should consider getting a chef’s knife as it has a curved blade. On the other hand, if you want to make delicate dice and slices of vegetables, you should choose a Santoku knife instead. You can checkout our article on Santoku vs Chef Knife – Which one is better and Why?

Bottom Line 

Every craft requires the right set of arsenal and cooking is no exception. With a comfortable and adequately sized knife, you can get most of your cutting and chopping tasks done effortlessly in the minimal time required.

The aforementioned knives certainly fit the bill for people with small hands as they are adequately sized, offer a large heel, and provide ease of usage with their ergonomic designs. Therefore, you should definitely consider checking out these products right away.

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