Top 5 J.A.Henckels Knife Block Set In 2021

JA Henckels is one of the famous knife brands among chefs. Gordon Ramsay uses this brand knife set in their restaurants and households. A German based cutlery brand making knife sets for more than 200 years. Four star series of JA Henckels knife set review tops among all the knives manufacture by this brand. 

This article will discuss the top 5 best JA Henckels knife set reviews in 2021.

henckels knife set buying guide

The following five knife sets are chosen based on their ergonomic design, blade durability, customer reviews, and affordable price. Also, you can present these knives as a gift to your nearest and dearest one. Here are the knife sets we will review in this article.

  • JA Henckels 15 piece knife set
  • JA Henckels 19 piece knife set with cherry block
  • Henckels Four Star Series 8 Pieces Knife Block Set
  • JA Henckels 13 piece knife set for Modern Kitchens
  • JA Henckels 14 piece knife set with matchup block 

1. J.A.Henckels 15 Piece Contemporary Knife Block Set

If you are looking for some premium quality knife sets, then this block set is for you. Many well-known culinary professionals and chefs such as Gordon Ramsay use this brand knife in their Hell’s Kitchen.

Different Knives You Will Get In This Block Set

The block set contains 15 pieces of knives. Here are some standard kitchen knives which you will get in this set.

  1. Chefs Knife 8 inch
  2. Bread Knife 8 inch
  3. Utility Knife Serrated 5 inch
  4. Paring Knife 3 inch
  5. Santoku Knife 7 inch
  6. Six 4.5 inches Steak Knives
  7. Sharpening Steel 9 inch
  8. Kitchen Shears
  9. Hardwood Block

Knife Blade Information

They are fabricated from a high-quality stainless steel material with the most delicate machinery to build these knife blades. With rust, corrosion, and stain-proof blade material, it lasts for a longer time in your kitchen.

Hollow patterns on the blade edge for those chefs and households give who work fast that gives you precision and accuracy while working in the kitchen.

The ergonomic design makes tasks such as dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing easy.

The Knife Handle

Strong, durable, and composite materials are used to make this knife handle. Three metal pins are there to hold the tang, which provides balance to the knife. In the end, there is a stainless steel handle guard for grip and prevents slipping.

Wooden Block

The wooden block produces from premium quality hardwood material such as dicot, oak. Also, the knife handles matches well with the block that will elevate your kitchen decor. The logo of J.A.Henckels is embedded on the wooden block.

There are different slots for putting up your kitchen knives, which help maintain the blade’s sharpness—the spaces work as a sheath for blades.

Cleaning The Knife Set

Once you have done all the kitchen tasks such as slicing, dicing, mincing, or chopping, the knives become sticky. So it is necessary to clean the blade. This knife set is not made for the dishwasher; hence hand wash is recommended.

Here is the procedure you can follow if you are cleaning the knife with your hands. In this process, the blade will remain rustproof for a longer time.

  • First, place the knife under the running water.
  • Second, now use some mild detergent on the knife, then rewash the knife with running water.
  • Third, dry the blades by using a clean cotton cloth.

Note: Do not soak the blades in water for too long. Immediately dry the knife with a cloth to prevent corrosion or rusting.

2. Henckels International Premio Cherry Block 19 Piece Set

JA Henckels 19 piece knife set comes with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defect. Coated with cherry polish gives a fantastic look to the block. It might be expensive for you, but it is a one-time investment, and you will not regret your purchase and lasts long in your kitchen. The people who buy this set are happy with their purchase.

Different Knives You Will Get In This Block Set

  • Paring Knife 3 inch
  • Hollow Edge Paring Knife 3 inch
  • Serrated Utility knife 5 inch
  • Boning Knife 5.5 inch
  • Utility Knife 6 inch
  • Santoku Knife Hollow Edge 7 inch
  • Bread Knife 8 inch
  • Chef’s Knife 8 inch
  • Eight Steak Knives 4.5 inch
  • Sharpening Steel 9 inch
  • Hardwood Block Cherry Finish

Knife Blade Information

The blades are an essential part of the knife. Sharper the blade knife more comfortable will be the slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping tasks. In this block set, blades are forged with a full tang, and the knife’s material is stainless steel.

Stainless steel knife is famous due to their anti-corrosion properties. The santoku and paring knife contains hollow patterns for those who work fast in the kitchen. More excellent edge retention and smooth transitions while doing chopping and dicing. Increase the sharpness of the blade using the honing steel.

The Knife Handle

Triple rivets grab the tang very well and provide stability to the handle. They are made from a composite material that can resist high and low temperatures—a Stainless Steel cap with the J.A.Henckels logo embedded on the butt of the knife handle.

Full bolster knife with finger guard to protect the fingers from injury. Ergonomic design to provide balance and handling while doing the chores. It perfectly fits all the hand sizes and durable material.

Wooden Block

Cherry polished hardwood block set. In this knife block set, there are 18 slots where you can put your knives. The premium J.A.Henckels International logo embraces on the block.

The Hardwood Block is made from premium woods such as oak and dicot. After that, a coating of cherry polish done to make the block shine and look elegant. The polish prevents the block from getting decaying when it comes in contact with water.

Cleaning The Knife Set

Cleaning knives is an essential task so that there are no stain marks on the blades. If you are thinking about cleaning this knife set, then handwash is recommended, but you can use the dishwasher also.

Put the knife blade under the running water and immediately dry it using a cloth piece. In some cases, use a soap solution but not regularly as it may remove the polished coating on the blade material.

3. Henckels Four Star Series 8 Pieces Knife Block Set

Four Star series is one of the famous and widely used knives set around the world. These knives are made in Germany, and many culinary professionals use this set in their restaurants and house. The ergonomic design handles and carbon steel are the features of this set. It is an excellent set to gift to your friends and family members.

Different Knives You Will Get In This Block Set

  • Paring Knife 4 inch
  • Serrated Utility Knife 5 inch
  • Prep Knife 5.5 inch
  • Bread Knife 8 inch
  • Chefs Knife 8 inch
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Honing Steel
  • Hardwood Block

Blade Information

Alloy steel blades have sharp edges and easy to sharpen using a honing steel. It may add some acidic flavor to your food. These blades require regular wash, and lubrication is needed after using the knife.

The blades hold more excellent edge retention than the steel knife set. These four-star knives are manufacture in Germany, which provides perfect precision and accuracy while doing slicing, dicing, chopping, or mincing.

The Knife Handle

Handle made from composite material which is durable and lasts long in the kitchen. Do not break even falling from height and full bolster, which provides balance to the knife.

Firm grip and prevents your hand from slipping down while doing kitchen works. The knife guard prevents your hand from slipping down into the blade.

Wooden Block

Hardwood Block is made from oak trees. The polishing and finishing is excellent and done by a professional with expertise. There are different knife slots and some extra slots if you buy other knives, such as the Santoku knife. The J.A.Henckels logo is embedded on the front of the wooden block.

Cleaning The Knife Set

Not a dishwasher friendly knife handwash the knife set by putting it under the running water to remove stains. After that, immediately use a dry cloth such as a cotton cloth rinse the blade. By placing this knife set in a dishwasher, it might dull the edges.

Please do not put the knife set near the water source in your kitchen; it will damage both the block and blade in the long run.

4. J.A.Henckels Knife Set 13 Piece For Modern Kitchens

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, check out the JA Henckels 13 pieces knife set. In terms of elegance and aesthetic appeal, this knife set is best suited for your modern kitchen. If you are thinking about gifting to your nearest and dearest ones, this block set is a great choice.

Different Knives You Will Get In This Block Set

In this 13 piece knife set, you will get the following knives.

  • Paring Knife 3 inch
  • Serrated Utility Knife 5 inch
  • Utility Knife 6 inch
  • Chefs Knife 8 inch
  • Santoku Knife
  • Sharpener
  • Steak knives
  • Scissors
  • Sandblasted texture wooden block

Knife Blade Information

The knife set’s blades are made from high-quality German stainless steel material—hollow patterns on the edge of the blade to give you a smooth grinding experience. The stainless steel blades resist corrosion or rusts; that’s why these blades are quite popular in households and restaurant kitchens. Also, these knives are stain proof.

The edge retention is the main factor taken into consideration while making blades. Well, polished blades with a sharpening angle of 18 degrees provide precision cuttings while working in the kitchen.

The Knife Handle

The knife’s handles are made from stainless steel material, which is similar to the knife blade properties. Stainless steel handles are more durable than any other handle materials such as plastic, composite, or wood.

Full bolster knife set with finger guard adds weight and balance to the knife. A finger guard will protect your fingers from slipping down to the blades and prevent injuries at the end of the handle, i.e., butt, where you will get a polished cap with Henckels logo embedded on it.

Wooden Block

The sandblasted texture gives a rich look to the knife sets and matches with the kitchen décor. Build from premium quality of woods and premium finish with J.A.Henckels logo at the front. Truly this knife is made for your kitchen.

Cleaning The Knife Set

The best part of this knife set is that it is dishwasher friendly means you can wash the knife set either by hands or by the dishwasher. If you are using the dishwasher, then keeps some points in your mind.

  • First, rinse the knife blades immediately after washing in the dishwasher with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Second, use a mild detergent to wash the knives; otherwise, the polish on the blades might fade.

By keeping these two points in your mind, the life of the knife set will increase.

5. J.A.Henckels 14 Piece Knife Set With Match Up Block

JA Henckels 14 piece knife set comes with a self-sharpening block. The reasons are there are sharpeners present inside the slots. It means whenever you pull a knife from the block will sharpen your knife automatically. Hence reduces sharpening efforts if you are a home chef.

Different Knives You Will Get In This Block Set

  • Paring Knife
  • Serrated Utility Knife
  • Utility Knife
  • Santoku Knife
  • Bread Knife
  • Chefs Knife
  • Six Steak Knives
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Self Sharpening Block

Knife Blade Information

The blades of the knives are made from ceramic material. The best feature of ceramic blades is edge retention and sharpness, which lasts long. Also, the blades do not rust, plus they are light in weight and do not impart any taste to food.

These knives are brittle, and falling on hard surfaces from a height breaks the blades. But recent manufacturing improvements made it hard to break. French point blade shape well for tasks such as cutting vegetables, fruits, and meats.

The Knife Handle

Stainless Steel Knife handle with a full bolster that adds weight and balance to the knife. These handles are robust and unbreakable, even falling from heights. The handle contains a knife guard that protects your fingers from injury.

On the butt of the handle, there is a polished stainless steel cap with J.A.Henckels embedded on it. It fits nicely on all the hand sizes and grips well while doing tasks such as dicing, chopping, mincing, etc.

Wooden Block

The block was created from the hardwood trees such as oak with a polished stainless steel logo embedded on the front. You will see the slots on the block where you can put your knives according to their position. Sometimes you might place your knife in the wrong spaces, which might affect the blade’s sharpness.

For this, proper labeling is given on the top of the slots so that you can put your knife in dedicated places. The professional does polishing on a stained ash wood base that lasts long in your kitchen.

Cleaning The Knife Set

If you are cleaning the blades, then you must do it with your hands. The manufacturer recommends no to put the knife set in the dishwasher. While washing the knife set, use detergent in small quantities and immediately the knives with a cloth. Also, do not put your knife set near the water source or humid place in your kitchen.

FAQ’s On J.A.Henckels Knife Set

  • Is JA Henckels a good knife brand?

Yes, the JA Henckels review are good top chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, use Henckels brand knives in their kitchens. This knife set’s key feature is the ergonomic design handles and blade material, which are made in Germany.

  • Is JA Henckel Knife Set dishwasher safe?

The manufacturing company labels whether the knife set is dishwasher safe or not. Most of the Henckels International knives recommends handwash. The blade’s edges might damage by putting it in the dishwasher. Hence the manufacturing company itself recommends handwash of knives.

  • Where are Henckel’s knives made?

All the knife sets, including the famous four-star knife, are made in spain and some asian countries. Some knife sets are manufacture in china, but most of the premium knife series produce in their origin.

  • Can you Sharpen Henckel knives?

Yes, you can easily sharpen the knife blades using a sharpener or honing steel. These days self-sharpening knife block is available in which every time you put in or put out the knife from the slots, it automatically sharpens.

  • Are Henckel knives guaranteed for life?

The guarantee is against the manufacturing defects in which the brand can replace the whole set. There is no warranty on the handles, wooden blocks after regular use, or damage from using the knives. But these knife set lasts for loner time in your kitchen.

  • Which Henckels knife set is the best?

Here are the best two recommendations from the above five JA Henckel knife set which you should buy.

  1. Henckels Four Star Series 8 Pieces Knife Block Set
  2. Henckels International Premio Cherry Block 19 Piece Set

Final Words

This is all the about the Henckels block set reviews. Read the article where I have explained about the knife in detail about blade material, handle, wooden block  and more. If you want to share your thoughts regarding these knife sets then comment down below.

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